XL American Bully – Everything About This Gentle Giant

Tri Color XL American Bully

The XL American Bully is a gentle giant with a striking look which grabs the attention of anyone walking by. If you have ever wondered how they were bred and why then these are answered in this article and more.

What is an XL American Bully?

An XL American Bully refers to Bullies which stand over 20 inches in height. They are produced in the same way as standard Bullies but have been specially bred for their size.

The American Bully is a relatively new breed with it first being seen in the 1980’s. Whilst there were separate unconnected breeding programs across the US they all had similar aims. Ultimately they were trying to achieve a dog with an improved temperament and a lower work drive. This was to help evade the stigma around Pitbull breeds at the time, it was also around the time where the Pitbull was being banned in a number of countries such as the UK.

The Bully was first created mainly from a mix of American Pit Bull Terries and American Staffordshire Terriers. In addition to this there were also elements taken from various Bulldog and Mastiff breeds. This is what created the template for the American Bully we see today. There was a variety of different builds and sizes produced through this process and this plus further cross breeding has led to large variations across the Bully breed. You can better understand a dogs breed makeup by carrying out a DNA test

How is an XL Bully different to other Bullies?

American bully

In total there are 4 recognised types of American Bully recognised by the ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club), there are also additional variations which are currently not recognised.

The 4 different types that are recognised by the ABKC are Pocket American Bully, Classic American Bully, Standard American Bully and the XL American Bully. The main differentiator is usually based on height, however the difference between classic and standard relates to build with the classic being slighter. The various heights and weights are shown below.

Size of BullyHeightWeight
Pocket Bully14 – 17 Inches20 – 65 Pounds
Classic Bully17 – 20 Inches50 – 70 Pounds
Standard Bully17 – 20 Inches65 – 85 Pounds
XL Bully20 – 23 Inches85 Pounds +
Heights and Weights of different types of Bullies

The other types of Bullies you may see are listed below.

XXL American Bully – As the name suggests this is an even larger version of the American Bully. This refers to any Bully which is over the height of 23 inches. This is currently unrecognised due to additional health concerns. Additional weight added due to the size puts a lot of extra pressure on joints and organs which can lead to a decrease in quality of life.

Micro/Exotic BullyThese refer to Bullies which are smaller in stature to the Pocket Bully. Like the Pocket Bully these are created by cross breeding usually with the Patterdale Terrier. There are additional health concerns in Micro Bullies due to the body size not being fit for their needs. This again often leads to additional health issues and a shorter lifespan.

Extreme Bully – This relates to their build rather than size. Any of the various sizes can be built as Extreme although it usually refers to Micro/Pocket. As the name suggests it is an extreme muscular look with the head, shoulder and neck all being larger than a regular Bully.

Is an American Bully XL a Pitbull?

Bully Puppy

The answer to this question is complicated and varies based on who you ask. According to the American Kennel Club AKC there are 4 breeds which are classified as a Pitbull.

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American Bully

So according the main Kennel Club in America the answer is yes but it is also apparent of the four the Bully diverges the most.

When people refer to a dog as a Pitbull the dog that will come to mind is usually the American Pit Bull Terrier. The other breeds on this list are usually referred to by different names such as AmStaff, Staffies and Bullies.

So a Bully is technically a Pitbull but a Pitbull is not a Bully. The Bully is its own recognised breed and referring to one as a Pitbull is unlikely to give a clear picture as to what the dog is in most peoples minds.

Are XL Bullies good family dogs?

American Bully

XL Bullies have the same temperament as you would expect from any sized Bully. Whilst there were certainly be more weight being thrown around it will certainly be in a playful way. The breed was specifically created to be kind hearted family dogs and make a great addition to any family.

Their are however some drawbacks that will come from owning an XL Bully. It’s important to note that these aren’t due to the dog itself or it’s characteristics. Unfortunately there is a risk that you will get disapproving looks when you are out with them. Whilst the Stigma attached to the breed is reducing over time it is still present in some people.

What Colors/Patterns can XL Bullies be?

There are a large range of colors XL Bullies can come in. XL Bullies have the full selections of colors you would expect in any other sized Bully although you should expect some to be rarer.

Striped (Non-Brindle)

It is important to note the distinction between striped and brindle. Brindle appears in more blended stripes whilst striped are usually differing solid colors. This is another commonly seen pattern in Bullies and can come in a number of the colors detailed below.


Brindle is often compared to tiger stripes due to it’s beautiful blended striped pattern. Whilst not as common as the above it is still fairly common in Bullies.

Solid Colors/Solid Colors with White

There are a number of Solid Colors all with different levels of rarity. Black/Fawn/White/Red/Blue (Silver-Grey) are all possible to find in a Bully. With Black/Fawn being the most common and the others being rarer but not uncommon due to targeted breeding.

It is also possible for all these colors (Excluding White) to come with a part white coat. This is usually found on the underside of the dog and around their feet.


A rare coloring found in Bullies but highly demanded. This is produced by taking any of the colors above and mixing it with the gene which produces the tan effect. The tan gene will add areas of Brown & white which in combination with another solid color producing a Tri-Color effect.


Merle Pitbull

A Merle coat contains areas of mottled fur which will appear as a different color. It is possible to achieve this in any color of Bully. It is worth noting that the Merle gene is linked with increased health risks and responsible breeders should not be breeding for this coat.

Final Thoughts

The XL American Bully is a great family pet that brings the kind-hearted nature of the American Bully in a larger package. If you are looking for a large dog that is great with family and friends then this may well be the perfect dog for you. To get one in this XL size though you will likely have to pay a premium though.

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