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Micro/Exotic Bully

A Pocket Bully is a miniature version of the popular American Bully. Whilst they retain the characteristic looks of an American Bully they’re actually a cross breed. They are created by breeding an American Bully with the much smaller Patterdale Terrier. This breed isn’t recognised by any major Kennel Club but is recognised by the American Bully Kennel Club.

What is a Pocket Bully?

A Pocket Bully is an American Bully that stands between 14-17 inches. This is shorter than the standard for an American Bully which is 17-20 inches. These Pocket sized dogs retain the famous characteristics associated with the Bully breed. You should expect to see a heavy bone structure along with a bulky build. They should look compact and also have a blocky head.

The American Bully was reduced in size through cross breeding with the Patterdale Terrier. They stand at around 11-14 inches and weigh only 11 to 13 pounds. The main feature that has been taken from the Patterdale Terrier is the reduced height.

Pocket Bullies are fantastic family pets which show all the loving qualities of the standard Bully breed. Below outlines some of the qualities you can expect from a Pocket Bully

Child Friendliness
Canine Friendliness
Training Difficulty
Breed Health
Exercise Needs

How long do Pocket Bullies live?

The lifespan of a Pocket Bully is estimated to be between 11-13 years. They have the same common health issues as the American Bully. These include Hip Dysplasia, Heart Disease, Skin Infections and Hypothyroidism. Specific issues to the Pocket Bully can include higher risk to skeletal issues due to the compounded nature of their frame. It’s also important to retain a long enough muzzle to avoid additional breathing issues. It’s important to select the right breeder to help minimize any health risk.

In many owners eyes they take the fantastic qualities of the American Bully and put them into a more manageable package. American Bullies are hugely popular due to their kind and loving nature. They are fantastic pets for children and also help provide a sense of security for your home. This Pocket Pitbull addresses some of the stigma around the American Bully. It’s well-known that they are considered by many to be aggressive dangerous dogs. Whilst this isn’t true, a bully which is smaller in size helps dispel these fears to a degree.

Pocket Bully
Bully wading through the water

How much should a Pocket Bully Weigh?

The weight of a Pocket Bully depends very much on how stocky it has been bred to be. There are different variations of the Pocket Bully in they can come in Classic, Standard or Extreme builds. Classic builds should expect to weight between 11-22 pounds and are most common. Extreme dogs can weigh in excess of 60 pounds despite there short height. Some examples of this are shown below to demonstrate the huge amount of muscle these Pocket Bullies still carry.

How much does a Pocket Bully Puppy cost?

A Pocket Bully Puppy will cost in excess of $2,000 compared to at least $800 for an American Bully. This price however will increase when you factor in a number of considerations. If you are after a unique coloring such as a Blue Pocket Bully or Merle Pocket Bully then you can expect this to rise further. Also if you were to buy from a reputable Bully bloodline then this will also add further to the cost. You will also need to consider the care costs across it’s lifetime.

How to identify a Pocket Bully?

The way to identify any American Bully is by it’s blocky face, large neck and broad shoulders which slope down into it’s back. All pictures in this article are of American Bullies of some size so the breed should be easy to identify. When identifying if the dog is a Pocket bully it is all down to it’s height. I wouldn’t recommend getting a measuring tape out but once you have met a few it should quickly become apparent whether they are Pocket, Standard or XL in size.

When buying a puppy it is is difficult to tell how large they will be when fully grown. Unfortunately there is no way to tell from the puppy itself. We highly recommend that you request to see the parents as this will give you the best indication as to whether it is a Pocket bully or not. We also strongly recommend that you get official paperwork showing the lineage.

Pocket Bully
Bully showing off it’s smile

What is a Micro Bully?

Micro bullies are an attempt to make a Pocket Bully even smaller in stature whilst keeping their traditional American Bully physique. They can come in a range of builds ranging from a small neck/shoulders to the extreme muscle version. Like the Pocket Bully their small size is achieved by mixing a American Pit Bull Terrier and a Patterdale Terrier.

If you’re interested in learning more about Micro Bullies we have a whole article here – Micro Bully

What should I feed them?

You should follow a regular Pitbull diet. Our recommendation is Taste of the Wild – Wetlands Dry Dog Food this has the complete nutrition profile needed for your Bully. For more options we also have an article outlining everything you need to know when buying your Bullies food (Food guide). The main component you are looking for is a high protein to fat ratio. In addition to this it should contain glucosamine to assist with joint health, probiotics and omega oils.

Should I buy a Pocket Bully?

With Pocket Bullies becoming much more common and breeders having a larger understanding of their health concerns the risk when buying a Pocket Bully is not as great as it once was. It should be noted however that due to their more compact size you should expect on average additional health problems compared to a regular sized bully. It is also important to ensure that you buy from a reputable breeder where health has been the main driver of the breeding process.

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