Pitbull Puppies – Adorable Pictures and Facts

Pitbull Puppies

Pitbull puppies are adorable and come in all different shapes, sizes and stunning colors. The picture you see in your head when you think of a Pitbull might differ from other people due to the wide variety of Pitbull’s.

A Pitbull is not an actual breed itself, it is most commonly thought of as the American Pit Bull Terrier. Most breeds which have the famous blocky head are still also considered Pitbull’s.

Pitbull Puppy

The official breeds listed as Pitbull’s are American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Bulldog.

How big is a Pitbull puppy?

Pitbull Puppy

We will use the American Pit Bull Terrier and you should expect a new-born puppy to weigh around 7-10 oz, the below outlines a growth chart for each month and their expected weight.

AgeMale WeightFemale Weight
1 Month3-5 lbs2-4 lbs
2 Months5-15 lbs5-15 lbs
3 Months10-20 lbs10-20 lbs
4 Months15-25 lbs10-20 lbs
5 Months15-30 lbs15-25 lbs
6 Months20-35 lbs15-30 lbs
9 Months25-50 lbs20-40 lbs
12 Months30-55 lbs25-45 lbs
24 Months35-60 lbs30-50 lbs

You will find Pitbull’s in all shapes and sizes. Micro Bullies can weigh under 20 pounds and then there is Hulk an American Pit Bull Terrier who weighs 175 pounds. That’s more than the average human.

Pitbull Puppy

Prepare to have plenty of ruined toys

People commonly believe that Pitbull’s have one of the strongest bites of any dog. This is incorrect with an average Pitbull having a bite force of around 235 PSI. A number of Mastiff breeds such as the Cane Corso have bite forces registered in the region of 700 PSI.

White Pitbull Puppy

Unfortunately for a toy to be able to withstand this pressure it would quite literally need to be made of concrete. Luckily there are companies designing more toys to withstand this. If you are struggling to find a toy that can withstand your Pitbull then I’d recommend you give this a try – Goughnuts Dog Pull Toy

They are loving, loyal dogs

Pitbull Puppy

You only need to look at their incredible smile to see the true nature of these dogs, they often get bad publicity but they are goofy, loving and loyal dogs. In annual testing by the American temperament test society Pitbull’s scored 86.4%. To put this in context this is higher than breeds such as golden retrievers, corgis and beagles. Certainly these breeds don’t possess the same stigma as a Pitbull despite having worse temperaments.

You will never find your Pitbull far away and they will always be squeezing into those awkward positions to ensure they can snuggle up to you. You will often find them on guard duty at the window watching out for their family and they will be forever by your side.

They need socializing and training

Pitbull Puppy

It is import to socialize Pitbull puppies from a young age especially with other dogs. Whilst they are rated as one of the most friendly dog breeds with people they can struggle with other dogs if not introduced early. It is important to train them to respond to your commands, this helps re-assure them that you are in control when they are unsure of a situation. It’s recommended to enrol in a puppy training class as soon as available this will help give handy training tips along with allowing them to meet other dogs.

How many puppies can a Pitbull have?

This usually depends on how many litters they have had. You should expect for their first litter for them to have between 2-5 pups. This however will increase and it is possible in later litters that they can have up to 10. You should expect on average for a Pitbull to have 5 puppies per litter.

Pitbull Puppy

Where can I buy a Pitbull puppy?

When buying any puppy it is important to research into the breeder you are buying from. The best place to start will be through your countries kennel club as they set standards for breeders to adhere too. This will give you an initial level of confidence but there are other signs you can check. You should expect to see signed health checks from a vet along with the puppy having been wormed and checked. You should ask to see where they are currently living and ensure they are currently living with mum. Everypaw has a handy checklist for you to use if you’re unsure.

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