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Floppy Fish Dog Toy – Full Review

Floppy Fish

Below we will analyse how the viral toy works and its appropriateness for dogs, we have tested this on our very own dogs of all shapes and sizes and will present the results below.

Do they enjoy playing with the toy?

If you have the issue where your dog quickly gets bored of any toys or will only play if you are also involved then the floppy fish will definitely solve these two problems, we found that our dogs have been coming back to this toy for days on end and whilst they still enjoy us joining in to play as well it does encourage a lot more independent play. It will certainly encourage a lot of head shaking and throwing behaviour from your dog.

How long does the battery last for?

The battery can feel a little short lived but we didn’t find it to be a huge issue overall, as your dog settles in to playing with other toys rather than solely with its new toy you will likely find it will need to be charged every few days to a week which does not take long and can be done easily by the cable provided or any phone chargers you have around the house.

How loud/disruptive is it?

Whilst the fish does move around and make noise we found it wasn’t an issue still being able to watch TV whilst our dog played with it in the same room, it is certainly still loud enough for the dog to interact and react to the toy. Whilst the toy wiggles away it will stay in the same spot so you don’t need to worry about it wandering off anywhere, you will still have to deal with the normal issue of your dog putting it in hard to reach places such as under the sofa as I’m sure it does with it’s other toys!

How robust is the toy?

Whilst I have no questions around how enjoyable the toy is to play with this is where the issues may start, we found that with smaller dogs there were no issues with how strong the toy was and it showed no signs of wear and tear past what you would expect from any other toy. Our dog is a boxer and she usually rips teddies and soft toys to shreds within a week, we did however find that this fish lasted longer than this and whilst as of writing this it is still going the movements are starting to become a bit laboured and we fear it could be on it’s last legs.

Overall verdict

If you own either a smaller dog or a larger one which isn’t known for destroying toys then this is the perfect toy to buy, it will provide hours of fun for your pooch and will add some needed variety into their range of toys and possibly even give you a break from the endless tug-o-war, if however your dog has a habit of getting through anything but the toughest of toys then expect this to take the usual route towards toy graveyard.

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