Exotic Bully – What you NEED to know

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The term Exotic Bully refers to any cross between different breeds of bulldog and the smallest range of American Bullies which stand under 14 inches. Due to the incompatible nature and the small size of these breeds they are often plagued with health problems. None of these crossbreeds are recognised by any major Kennel Club due to these health problems

What is an Exotic Bully?

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The most common type of Exotic Bully is a Micro Bully, this is created by crossing an American Bully with a Patterdale Terrier much in the same way as a Pocket Bully. The difference however refers to the height with Pocket Bullies being considered to be at least 14 inches in height and Micro Bullies being under this.

Whilst Micro Bullies are the most common there have been experiments to cross other bulldog breeds such as French Bulldogs with American Bullies. Luckily this practice is not widespread due to two breeds being incompatible and the resulting puppies having to live with unnatural health problems. This practice is considered cruel and if you’re ever offered a puppy then we discourage you from buying.

What is a Micro Bully?

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Micro Bullies are often what people think of when the word Exotic Bully is mentioned. They are also referred to at times as a Micro Exotic Bully. You should expect them to fit the below dimensions, weight can vary dependent on the build.

Micro BullyMeasurements
Height11-14 Inches
Weight20-60 Pounds

Micro bullies are an attempt to make a Pocket Bully even smaller in stature whilst keeping their traditional American Bully physique. They can come in a range of builds ranging from a small neck/shoulders to extreme muscle versions. The small size is achieved by mixing a American Pit Bull Terrier and a Patterdale Terrier.

How much is an Exotic Bully Puppy?

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How much an Exotic Bully Puppy can vary wildly dependent on breeder reputation and color. The more prestigious breeders charge in excess of $15,000 for a puppy. If you are buying an Exotic Bully puppy it is important to add extra caution compared to when buying an established breed. You should expect a large amount of health problems from the puppy. It is also at a higher risk of being bred in a puppy farm due to the large potential profit.

Exotic Bully Health Problems

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Unfortunately due to large change in size from the original breed it has exaggerated existing health issues. Some of the main problems which occur are the following.

Hip Dysplasia – This is a common issue amongst a number of dogs. It is however especially present in Exotic Bullies due to their bone structure not fitting their body size in a number of cases. The easiest to spot symptoms will relate to a reduced range of movement of the hind legs along with a reluctance in jumping, running and climbing stairs. As the breed becomes more established and good breeding practices are enforced there is hope this will improve

Heart Disease – Pitbull’s can be prone to heart disease including a congenital heart disease in the form of aortic stenosis. It is important that you buy from a reputable breeder and discuss this issue with them to ensure your dog has been bred to have a healthy heart. It is recommended that if you buy from an Exotic breeder that they provide a health guarantee for a year. This helps re-assure the breeding process has been done with health in mind.

Skin Infections – There are a wide range of different skin issues which can affect a Pitbull such as Dermatitis, Mange, Dry skin and Allergies. Common signs of skin issues will often display themselves as red irritated areas on their skin. If these are spotted you should contact a vet for tailored advice. The best way to prevent skin conditions is to ensure preventative measures are put in place. This includes regular flea treatment and a consistent grooming routine.

Hypothyroidism – Hypothyroidism is where the thyroid produces incorrect hormone levels, this will present itself in the form of increased weight or lethargy and is often first identified in middle-aged dogs. If these signs are showing then a vet should be contacted who will perform blood tests to identify if the issue is thyroid related. This is often treatable using medication and will likely also be combined with a diet plan.

Are Exotic Bullies ethical?

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Unfortunately with this being a new breed with high demand there are a number of unethical breeding practices. Whilst there is a large amount of money to be made there will be people looking to exploit animals to make money. It is possible for Exotic Bullies to be healthy and the hope is with time this will become more widespread.

It is not uncommon to see reports of a deformed exotic bully. In equal measure you only need to look at reputable breeders such as Venomline Bullies to see good health can be achieved. If you are after a smaller bully then it is advisable to look for Pocket Bullies to buy. Whilst these are not without their issues the risk is much lower than the smaller exotic bully.

Whats an Exotic Bullies Lifespan?

A regular Bully is expected to have a lifespan of between 11-13 years. A well bred exotic should look to have a similar lifespan to this. Unfortunately estimates are that you should expect to see a lifespan of around 5 years for an exotic. This shows the issues Exotic Bullies currently face when it comes to health.

What Colors can you have in an Exotic Bully?

Similar to the American Bully there are a wide range of colors for Exotic Bullies. The colors which are considered rarer for American Bullies are usually more common in these dogs. The reason rarer colors are more common is due to the Exotic Bullies being selectively bred from the start of their existence. There are many famous Tri-Color, Merle Exotics and it is possible to get any color from the original breed.

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