Can Leopard Geckos eat fruit? – What can they have as treats?


It’s important to understand what your Leopard Gecko can eat, below we will explore can leopard geckos eat fruit, we will also outline some tips and tricks on how to ensure they get a varied diet.

No, it is important that you don’t feed your leopard gecko fruit as it could cause them serious illness or to pass. Fruit and vegetables do not make up a regular part of their natural diet. Leopard Geckos are known as insectivores and should keep strictly to this diet.

What can be fed to Leopard Geckos as treats?

The reason you are likely asking whether your leopard gecko can have fruit is to offer it as a treat. It is important to note that whilst Leopard geckos have a strict diet of insects that there are a range of insects which are higher in fats and more appealing to your leopard gecko which can be offered in moderation. Here is a list of insects you can feed them in addition to their normal diet of mealworms and crickets. All insects provided to your gecko should be store bought not wild.

InsectsCan a Leopard Gecko eat it?
HornwormsYes – As a treat (1 weekly)
SuperwormsYes – As a treat (1-2 weekly)
WaxwormsYes – As a treat (1-2 weekly)
EarthwormsYes – Not recommended
Mealworm BeetlesYes – Mealworms are preferable to beetles
Dubia RoachesYes – As part of a regular diet
NightcrawlersYes – Not recommended
Darkling BeetlesYes – Not recommended

Our personal recommendations are the below.

Waxworms – Leopard Geckos love to eat waxworms but they are rich in fat so should be used sparingly as treats as to not lead to an obesity problem, it is also worth noting that if your leopard gecko becomes too used to receiving these it will likely refuse to eat the other food offered.

Superworms – Similar to waxworms these should be fed in moderation due to the high fat content, it is best to look at these worms as candy for your leopard gecko. taking into account that you leopard gecko will only eat 3-4 times a week they shouldn’t be fed these more than 1-2 a week

How to get nutrients from fruit into a Leopard Geckos diet?

Whilst your leopard gecko is unable to eat fruit it is still possible to get these nutrients into their diet indirectly. If you feed the insects you are going to feed them a diet which is rich in fruit and vegetables it will enhance the richness of your leopard geckos diet. Leopard Geckos commonly have two deficiencies in their natural diet which you should look to address.

Calcium – There are two different ways in which you can provide this for your gecko, the first is by putting a light dusting on the insects that you feed them, the second option is to leave a small pot of calcium in their home for them to self supplement when needed. I would suggest that you do both of these, this way you ensure your gecko is getting calcium along with them having the option to take additional if needed.
Vitamin D3 – 
This can again be provided by dusting the insects fed to your gecko, I would suggest you do this every other feed instead of every feed like the calcium, you can also provide a UVB light in their home this allows your gecko to naturally get these vitamins and it also absorbs better into their blood when compared to the dusting in medical studies.

Why can’t Leopard Geckos eat fruit or vegetables?

Whilst leopard geckos will struggle to eat fruit or vegetables unless in very small sizes this is not the reason why they can’t eat fruit, leopard geckos have an inability to digest fruit or vegetables. This is down to a lack of a functioning Cecum, this is the part of the body which digest cellulose of which fruit and vegetables are rich in.

List of commonly asked foods and whether they are appropriate for Leopard Gecko’s

FruitCan a Leopard Gecko eat it?
VegetableCan a Leopard Gecko eat it?
OtherCan a Leopard Gecko eat it?
Baby FoodNo

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