Black Pitbull – All you NEED to know (With Pictures)

Black American Bully

Finding a Black Pitbull is commonplace but there are some rare and stunning combinations such as the Black Panther Pitbull. Unfortunately there is a stigma attached to Pitbull’s despite their true nature being loving and caring. We will explore the needs of caring for a Black Pitbull and the different types in this article.

Black Panther Pitbull

Finding a Black Pitbull is fairly common within different Pitbull breeds. There are however rarer occurences in which the Pitbull is all black with no markings of other colors.

The most spectacular of these is the so called Black Panther Pitbull. It is named due to it’s incredible resemblance to the striking Black Panther. It is no surprise given the pictures in the video below.

Unfortunately as with other breeds the Pitbull also suffers from Black dog syndrome. This is where they often go un-adopted due to them being seen as more aggressive which of course is completely untrue.

Black and White Pitbull

Black & White Pitbull

Black and White Pitbull’s are common but did you know they can come in a variety of patterns. The most common is the ‘Tuxedo’ look. This is where the back of the dog is Black the majority of the underside and feet are white in color. It’s a coloring which is incredibly common in cats and whilst seen less in dogs is not uncommon.

You can also get the Black and White coloring in a spotting effect. This is referred to as Piebald. There are varying levels of this spotting which can be seen dependent on the dogs genetics. This is commonly seen in breeds such as Beagles.

Black Brindle Pitbull

Black Brindle Pitbull

Brindle genetics in Pitbulls are caused by a recessive gene, this makes it more difficult to attain through breeding. Due to the beautiful patterning of Brindle this has been selectively bred for generations and is fairly commonplace.

Black Brindles are often categorised by their tiger stripe like appearance which makes them highly desirable. They often come with a white underbelly as well.

How Much does a Black Pitbull cost?

Black Pitbull Puppy

The price of a Black Pitbull can vary dependent on it’s specific coloring and if it’s from a well known bloodline. Black Pitbull’s are amongst the cheapest due to Blacks dog’s being less desirable.

Black Pitbull Price$800-$1,000
Black Panther Pitbull Price$1,500-$2,500
Black and White Pitbull Price$800-$1,000
Black Brindle Pitbull Price$1,000-$1,200

Are Black Pitbull’s Rare?

They are a common coloring for Pitbull’s but are not usually bred for unless they are going for a more striking look as seen in Black Panthers. Due to there being less demand breeders tend to go for colors which have higher demand. Whilst there are reputable breeders who breed specifically for this color it is more likely to be amateur breeders producing Black Pitbull’s.

It is important when buying a puppy to fully check the breeders credentials and also see where the mother and pups are currently living. The puppy should also have been for a medical check-up along with details around the health of the parents. If you are after more information about checking a breeder then follow this handy guide.

Pitbull Health Problems

Black Bully

Hip Dysplasia – This is a common issue amongst a number of dogs. It is however especially present in larger breeds. The easiest to spot symptoms will relate to a reduced range of movement of the hind legs along with a reluctance in jumping, running and climbing stairs.

Heart Disease – Pitbull’s can be prone to heart disease including a congenital heart disease in the form of aortic stenosis. It is important that you buy from a reputable breeder and discuss this issue with them to ensure your dog has been bred to have a healthy heart.

Skin Infections – There are a wide range of different skin issues which can affect a Pitbull such as Dermatitis, Mange, Dry skin and Allergies. Common signs of skin issues will often display themselves as red irritated areas on their skin. If these are spotted you should contact a vet for tailored advice. The best way to prevent skin conditions is to ensure preventative measures are put in place. This includes regular flea treatment and a consistent grooming routine.

Hypothyroidism – Hypothyroidism is where the thyroid produces incorrect hormone levels, this will present itself in the form of increased weight or lethargy and is often first identified in middle-aged dogs. If these signs are showing then a vet should be contacted who will perform blood tests to identify if the issue is thyroid related. This is often treatable using medication and will likely also be combined with a diet plan.

How to groom a Pitbull?

Black & White Pitbull

Coat – It is important to brush your Pitbull regularly this helps control shedding by removing dead skin cells. When brushing it is recommended to use a rubber curry brush weekly. When brushing it is important to do so gently when on more sensitive areas such as the bottom of its neck, stomach and back of it’s legs.

Ears – Pitbull’s are susceptible to ear infections, especially if cropped. Keeping your pets ears clear of wax can help reduce this risk, do this with a mild canine ear cleaner. Whilst cleaning you should look out for signs or infection such as redness, rashes, discharged or foul smells. If you see signs of this then you should make an appointment with your vet for tailored advice.

Nails – You should aim to cut you Pitbull’s nail twice a month. The ideal time to do this is when they are tired and relaxed as to reduce the amount of squirming. If they haven’t been trained to have their paws touched it may be prudent to get assistance doing so. You should look for the quick (nerve on the underside of the claw) and only clip beyond as to not hurt them. If you do catch the quick then firmly press styptic powder to contain the blood flow, this will ease in a matter of minutes and the pain will quickly pass.

Teeth – These should be brushed at least once a week and can be done so using a canine toothbrush or a finger brush which you can wear. It is important to use special canine toothpaste as human toothpaste is not appropriate. These are usually a meaty flavour which is appealing to your dog. You should brush your Pitbull’s teeth in the same way you would your own by making circular motions along the gum line. You also only need to do the front side of their teeth. It is advisable to feed your Pitbull dry kibble as this helps dental health along with the occasional dental chew.

What to Feed a Black Pitbull

It’s important to feed your Pitbull a high quality diet which is based around Meat/Fish packed with amino acids. Whilst plant based diets can replicate the protein needed it will lack the amino acids required for their needs. High quality meat will also bring glucosamine into their diet to help protect against joint problems.

If you are unsure what food to feed If you are unsure what food to feed your Pitbull we recommend Taste of the Wild – Wetlands Dry Dog Food. We also have a guide outlining more options with more in depth information (Food Guide)

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